petra (2011)

Passa Porta held the first colloquium for PETRA – the European platform for literary translation – from 1 to 3 December 2011. On Friday 2 December 2011, Alberto Manguel, Michael Cunningham and Dubravka Ugrešić paid tribute to the literary translator at Flagey during Grand Hotel Europa.

PETRA united the initiatives and expertise of translator organisations and literary translators at national and European level: translator and author organisations, literary organisations and networks, policy bodies, publishers and organisations around education and copyrights.


  • To promote and support literary translation and literary translators in Europe
  • To collect data in order to better understand the situation of literary translation and literary translators in Europe
  • Based on this data, to propose concrete actions to improve the situation
  • To prepare a European forum for literary translation: a forum for reflection, communication, action and the exchange of expertise
  • To present literary translation to a wider audience as an interesting, new and exciting activity, and a demanding artistic process.