letters to europe

Writers from the four corners of the world address Europe in a letter. They talk about Fort Europa, the land of milk and honey, an impossible patchwork, a rich variety, a giant on feet of clay, a utopia.

They ask questions. Is Europe an impossible construction? Where are its borders? Sometimes they are harsh and critical, sometimes hopeful and enthusiastic. But they always display tremendous curiosity about the future of the old continent.

Texts by Pegah Ahmadi, Peter Vermeersch, Dejan Anastasijevic, Pierre Mertens, Manal Al-Sheikh, Azouz Begag, Antonio Skármeta, Salem Zenia, Sasa Stanisic, Jonas Gahr Store, Maria Barbal, Gonçalo M. Tavares, Easterine Kire Iralu, Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Björn Larsson, Perihan Magden, Irakli Kakabadze, Mahi Binebine, Faraj Bayrakdar, John Ralston Saul, Igor Stiks and Andrés Neuman.

A special publication for the Passa Porta Festival 2011.
Editors: Paul Buekenhout and Peter Vermeersch.
Illustrations: Tom Schamp

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