translators’ collective

A crucial aspect of Passa Porta is the encounter between different literatures. Hence, it should come as no surprise that Passa Porta values the work performed by literary translators, and has taken the initiative to establish a genuine translation collective. Members meet on a regular basis to translate a poem or short prose text. Subjects under discussion include the translation process, creation, and the pleasure of translating.

Since 2012 the Collective is focusing on translations from French into Dutch and vice versa.

Its current members are: Katelijne De Vuyst (translating especially French and English prose and poetry into Dutch), Pierre Geron (Université de Liège, translating from Dutch into French), Danielle Losman (translating especially Dutch poetry into French) and Bart Vonck (poet and translator of especially French, Spanish and Portuguese poetry into Dutch), who is coordinating the Collective. Isabel Hessel joins the collective for translations into German.

Belgian poets whose texts have been translated until now are Serge Meurant, Serge Delaive, Frédéric Saenen, Delphine Lecompte, Bart Janssen and Charles Ducal. They were presented at the Passa Porta Festival 2013.

Soon all translations will be published on this website.


  • Je bereikt me in vertaling, uitg. Vrijdag, Antwerp, 2012 (in Dutch)