brussels in shorts

Passa Porta’s intention in Brussels in Shorts is to make a literary contribution to the appeal of the Belgian capital. Cartoonists and scenarists from Belgium and abroad were twice already given the chance to create a graphic story on contemporary Brussels, with financial support and accommodation in the centre of the city.

In October 2014, the publishing house Oogachtend put out a second series of stories in the album Bruss.2 Brussels in Shorts the sequel to the successful Bruss. Brussels in Shorts. The original drawings of the second edition are on display at the Belgian Comic Strip Centre until 7 December.




In 2011, to make a gift of new stories to the metropolis, Passa Porta launched Brussels in Shorts, an international graphic short story contest. Ten participants were selected to create a story about contemporary Brussels. The stories, which were published in the album Bruss. Brussels in Shorts in February 2013, differ in style and content, but they are all linked to the same location: the Oude Graanmarkt/Marché aux Herbes in the capital’s historic centre. The authors were also guests at the 2013 Passa Porta Festival. An exhibition of the original drawings was on at the Belgian Comic Strip Centre as well as in Ostend and Hasselt (in the framework of Brusselse Sporen)  in 2013.

In autumn 2013, Passa Porta carried on with  the project with a second contest, with more than 60 authors from Belgium and abroad. The challenge: to capture contemporary Brussels in a 12-page graphic short story, with the additional constraint:, the visit of an existing hotel in Brussels by one or more characters. The eight selected stories were exhibited at the Belgian Comic Strip Centre.


The Winners

The winners of the second edition:


You can take a look at work-in-progress by the winners of the first contest here:

Brussels in Shorts is a Passa Porta initiative with the support of the Flemish Community Commisssion (VGC).