passa porta festival 2015

Passa Porta, the international house of literature in the heart of Brussels, celebrates its tenth anniversary with the fifth edition of the biennial Passa Porta Festival, which has grown to become one of Europe's largest literary festivals. The festival is very much multilingual and profiles itself as a truly metropolitan event; an opportunity for exchange, dialogue and discovery. In close collaboration with numerous partners from across Brussels, Flanders, Francophone Belgium and the rest of the world, this four day festival offers a varied literary programme putting Brussels well and truly on the literary map.

The fifth edition of the Passa Porta Festival is taking place from 26 to 29 March 2015. The central theme Now & Then explores the relationship between literature and (our) time.


festival 2015

Mon 23.03
passa porta

reading group

Discover the work of the festival guests in this small reading group (in Dutch).

Thu 26.03
BOZAR -  Zaal / Salle M
€ 12 / 10
EN / FR / NL

JMG Le clézio, Jean-Luc Outers, David Van Reybrouck

opening / ouverture

Public appearances by J.M.G. Le Clézio are rare – and little wonder: the French writer travels constantly from one end of the planet to the other. Albuquerque, Paris and Nanjing are just some of the destinations that feed his sombre and scintillating style. The winner of the 2008 Nobel Literature Prize stops off in Brussels to talk about Now & Then (the festival theme) and about his work and the issues close to his heart. Interview: Jean-Luc Outers. Preceded by an opening speech by Belgian author David Van Reybrouck.

Fri 27.03
Le Botanique
€ 12 / 10

Nancy Huston, Dany Laferrière, Nicolas Michaux

temps composés

A hedonist if ever there was one, Dany Laferrière explores the need to take some time out 'now & then' in L'art presque perdu de ne rien faire ('The almost lost art of doing nothing'). Nancy Huston blends past and present in Bad Girl as she addresses the fetus she once was. Both writers discuss the surprising possibilities offered up by literature and time. Musical interludes specially composed for the event by Nicolas Michaux punctuate the evening.

Sat 28.03
€ 6
AR / FR / NL / TU

Gerda Dendooven, Mélanie Rutten, Fatima Sharafeddine

short stories for a long night

The greatest bedtimes stories, for all from the age of 6. Gerda DendoovenMélanie Rutten and Fatima Sharafeddine read from their award-winning picture books, in Dutch, French and Arabic. A Turkish story about a red apple wraps up the event. A real Tower of Babel in the fairy-tale theatre BRONKS, with pancakes served in the café. 

Sat 28.03
€ 12 / 10
EN / FR / NL

Christine Angot, Kevin Barry, Michel Faber, Régis Jauffret, Ludmilla Petrushevskaya, A.L. Snijders, Annelies Verbeke, An Pierlé

long night of the short story 2015

Masters of the short story from Belgium and abroad share the spotlight during a new edition of the Long Night of the Short Story. They play with the theme of Time in various languages and styles. These stories often focus on small, intimate events at the intersection of past and future. A unique host of writers and characters, with musical accompaniment by An Pierlé.

Sun 29.03

passa porta festival day 4

parcours 29 march

The culmination point of the Festival, the Parcours guides book lovers through the heart of Brussels: from BOZAR to Goupil Le Fol, from La Centrale to Les Brigittines. Over 100 authors meet their readers in different languages. And let's not forget readings from banned books, city walks, fictional conversations, erotic poetry, a literature festival for children, and much more. British writer Ian McEwan will be closing the festival.