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book club with author

Tue 15.11.2016 | 20:00 > 21:30
€ 7 / 5
passa porta bookshop

read & meet: good people, nir baram

A reading club with a twist, at a Read & Meet you get the chance to discuss the book with the author himself. During this meeting, we will discuss Good people (2016, Text Publishing, trans. Jeffrey Green) by Israeli writer Nir Baram. Passa Porta staff member and book lover Steven Van Ammel will host the book club. Participants are expected to have read the novel.

About Good People:
It’s 1938 and Thomas Heiselberg, a Berlin adman, master of disguise and hustler of fleeting alliances, has set out to be a great man. As a new wind sweeps across Germany, Thomas finds that he must put his rare knack for selling into the service of the Third Reich. Meanwhile in Leningrad, Alexandra Weiesberg, the young daughter of a Jewish intellectual, is about to be faced with a heinous choice: Her parents will shortly be condemned as enemies of the people and they are, she realizes, as good as lost. To save her young siblings from similar fate, then, she must make a pact with the very regime that brought ruin upon her family. Thomas and Alexandra are propelled by a kindred mechanism: they both feel themselves to be perpetrators of a lesser evil. At the eve of the outbreak of war between Germany and the Soviet Union, the two of them conjure up an outrageous plan that may change the course of history. Their fatal meeting will put them face to face with the moral choices they’ve made and their consequences.

Praise for the book:

Good People rewards the reader's patience while mining a tragic sense of irony that extends all the way to its title.' - Big Issue

‘Quite possibly, Dostoyevsky would write like this if he lived in Israel today.' - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

‘Written with great talent, momentum and ingenuity...it expands the borders of literature to reveal new landscapes.' - Amos Oz

‘Astonishingly powerful...[A] compelling, important story.' - New Zealand Listener

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