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meet the author

Tue 09.01.2018 | 20:00 > 21:30
€ 7 / 5
passa porta bookshop

olivier bourdeaut

His first novel, Waiting for Bojangles, met with phenomenal success as soon as it was released. Today, more than 500,000 were copies sold, about twenty translations exist or are on the way, a comic book adaptation, and soon a film are coming. In 2016, Olivier Bourdeaut said: "I will probably disappoint 90% of my readers with the following novel", since the first one had been unanimously praised by both the public and critics.

And yet, Olivier Bourdeaut meets the challenge head-on. With Pactum salis, to be published on the 4th of January, the author shows he's here to stay. In many ways, this story, which recounts the improbable friendship of two men in the heart of the salt marshes is very different from the first one. However, we still find find Olivier Bourdeaut's incredible whimsy, and an irresistible narrative.

This encounter, led by Vanessa Herzet, is set at the start of new adventure.

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