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Wed 31.05.2017 | 20:00 > 21:30
7 / 5€
passa porta bookshop

meet the author: jasmin b. frelih

Presentation of the book In/Tweeën (De Geus, 2017), first novel of Jasmin B. Frelih, writer-in-residence at Passa Porta. Interview: Joost Vandecasteele.

In/Tweeën (In/Half) is a globalist novel set in a post-globalist future. The book interweaves three distinct narrative threads: Evan, an addict theatre director in Tokyo in the future, is staging a play and lamenting the loss of the love of his life. Kras, a family patriarch and ex-war-minister, is celebrating his 50th birthday in the Slovenian part of what could nowadays be called Fortress Europe. Zoja, an anarchist poet, is getting ready to read at the Brooklyn festival Poetrylitics, attended by a motley crew of intellectuals, artists and madmen. In/Half uses every trick in the postmodernist playbook, while also taking the tricks seriously. Not content to push the limits of text's possibilities, the novel charges its investigations into the fate of the individual, of the family, and of society, with a solemn ontology and sends its characters hurtling through a disconnected world filled with the debris of past histories for them to find a sense of belonging. With its sharp focus on the contradictions of modernity, and with the reading experience likened to an extended surfing session on a world wide web crafted by an ingenious demiurge, In/Half is a powerful statement on the nature of the novel by a voice from the new generation of writers.

Jasmin B. Frelih (1986) is a Slovenian writer of novels, short stories and essays. His debut novel Na/pol (In/Half) (2013) was nominated for the European Union Prize for Literature and will be translated into Dutch, English and Italian, among others. In 2015, he released Ideoluzij, a collection of futuristic short stories in which he writes about individualism and social relations and takes a good look at the canvas of human existence.

Joost Vandecasteele (1979) is writer, theater-maker en columnist. In 2010, he won the Vlaamse Debuutprijs for his book Hoe de wereld perfect functioneert zonder mij. Opnieuw en opnieuw en opnieuw and Massa were nominated for the BNG Literatuurprijs. In April 2017, he published the graphic novel Bella (Lebowski). He wrote the script of the serie Generatie B which is broadcasted since February 2017 on Canvas. 

ORG. Passa Porta, Embassy of Slovenia in Brussels, De Geus


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