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Sat 20.05.2017 | 11:00 > 12:00
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de groene waterman - antwerpen

literary brunch with jasmin b. frelih

Over coffee and croissants, get to know the work of Slovenian writer Jasmin B. Frelih, writer-in-residence at Passa Porta and a striking new voice in contemporary European literature. Your host will be Balkans buff Sven Peeters. 

Jasmin B. Frelih published his debut novel Na/pol (In/Half), a globalistic novel set in a post-globalistic future, to great critical acclaim, winning the Slovenian Prize for Best Novel and the European Union Prize for Literature. The rights have been sold to various countries, including Italy and the United Kingdom. Frelih is also the author of the short-story collection Ideoluzije (Tiny Ideologies), released by LUD Literatura in 2015. In these futuristic stories he writes about individualism and social relations, and he takes a look at the canvas of human existence. 

Sven Peeters (b. 1977 in Antwerp) teaches Dutch as a second language. He is a member of the PEN Vlaanderen board and a Balkans book blogger. He has lived in Trieste and Belgrade. Together with Jelica Novaković he co-authored the Belgrade guidebook Het Kafana-Tribunaal (Clio, 2006) and Wat kwam er uit een schot? (Vrijdag, 2015; Clio, 2015) about the representation of Gavrilo Princip in the Dutch-language press and literature. You can consult his digital Balkans book library at http://balkanboeken.blogspot.be/.


ORG. Passa Porta, PEN Vlaanderen, De Groene Waterman

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