mission statement


Passa Porta aims...

  • to share its love for literature with the largest and most diverse audience possible. The house of literature presents an attractive range of multilingual literary works: within the Passa Porta walls, as well as beyond. The focus is on personal encounters and interaction between author and reader
  • to increase the knowledge of other literature and cultures via literary encounters
  • to offer a platform for reflection on literature and other arts, literature and society, based on the conviction that literature has strong social relevance
  • to promote literary exchange between writers, readers and literary professionals within the many Belgian and international language communities
  • to stimulate creativity among writers and translators in the dynamic and inspiring context of an active house of literature focused on change and renewal
  • to provide expertise to authors, literary mediators, media and cultural organisations at home and abroad



Photo: Orhan Pamuk talking to Geert Lernout, Passa Porta Festival 2011 — Copyright: Katrien Degreef